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Introduction to the mobile app for Field service technicians
Introduction to the mobile app for Field service technicians
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The Odyssee mobile app for field service technicians offers the most complete version of the app.

You need to be a user linked to user group type "Administrators" or "Field service technicians" or "Service manager" to be able to use this version.

Since the Odyssee mobile app runs on any platform (iOS, Android and Windows 10), the app can be downloaded from any store:

  • App store

  • Google play

  • Windows store

And can be installed on any mobile device: windows laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Service managers who need to review work orders from their office, can install it on any Windows desktop PC.

What can field service technicians do?

Once installed and logged in (you will need your email address and password to login the first time. Than you will be asked to enter a pin code which you can use to login easily next times), technicians can have access to everything the mobile app offers, depending on the configuration of the user rights:

  • Customers

  • Contacts

  • Equipments

  • Tasks

  • Work orders: planned, dispatched, workshop, review and activated work orders

  • Timesheets

  • Colleagues

  • Profile

  • Settings

  • Service Cockpit

  • Create new items (customers, contacts, equipments, work orders, tasks, timesheets)

Work orders

In the article "Four ways to manage work orders", you can read that work orders can be:

There is also a sub-flow, where work orders can be put in review

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